Design Style

I always discuss broad and specific goals with 
clients in order to fully understand what they are
wanting to gain from their new project. 
After we brainstorm together, we come up with a design
solution that both parties are excited about.


  • I will always be ethical with my time. It means a lot to me to offer fair prices, & work efficiently & quickly
  • To create work that fits & furthers your brand
  • To come up with creative solutions to problems
  • To use all the resources available to me to help you accomplish your goals
  • To treat your business as my own, caring about its image and success

Layout Design
Fitness Magazine Mock-up

Packaging Design

P.O.S. Packaging and Design Creation

Haley Winn

Slider Graphics

Homepage slider graphics for fashion brands

Company Branding

Business Cards, ads, web graphics, etc.